So, a few of the folks I know on Twitter (I refuse to call them Tweeps because the whole Twitter TW-everything vernacular is amazingly stupid) started March of Film last year as a way to encourage film use and to get photographers’ creative juices flowing.

This year’s event starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. central when the group admins post a list of ten of 10 themes. The idea is that film freaks and neophytes chose one theme from the list each week to shoot.

While there isn’t a prize…not even accolades, really…March of Film shooters can post their images to the group’s Flickr group. The best images will be put together to create a book after the event is over.

So, here are the relevant links.

Oh, and if you need film you can still find it in most drug stores, groceries, and if you’re lucky enough to have a surviving one, your local camera store.

Thanks to the March of Film folks. I’m looking forward to March.

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